Monday, 14 December 2009

Bad Head? i thnk so...

Ok sweet I’m back where I love too be! Really I am as a lot of you would know! Me enjoying writing?? Really? Yeah really! This whole blog thing has really helped me to express my self I enjoy it. I hope you guys are!

So Today was another day of learning. We started your day leaning abut assessments… seriously I wanted to shoot myself… really I was sitting there like “God I’m ready I really am!” We were thrown all this information and all these abbreviations of these stupidly long words. I really found it hard to take all the information in. It was going in through one ear out through the other it was hard… but I really did try! I was constantly fighting my natural instinct to shut down. And I didn’t! for me that’s like Winning The Billabong Pipeline Masters! ( its epic the waves are so big right now! If you get a chance to watch it the link is below! C.J Hoobgood He’s got this! Too easy! so yeah it was a big step for me today. Then after morning tea it wasn’t so intense… Praise God. We were learning and discussing Small Groups and how to be a small group leader. I t was cool to learn this because my small groups on my last school kinda failed… so hearing all this stuff really pointed out all the things where I went wrong. For starters I should have actually planed something for my small groups… Now I realise how important it is to plan! That’s a huge thing I keep coming up is PLAN. Because I never have really for anything I just roll with it… so that was a big thing also to know that I do have spiritual Authority and I am appointed by God to LEAD not to just be there…and well yeah.. Read a few pages in the bible… so yeah a lot to learn for sure!

God has been doing a lot off personal stuff in my life right now its pretty intense… it really is when I get it all sorted out ill share what God has done! But a good book to recommend reading is “Wild at Heart” it sick its for guys but women read it too it basically talks about how God made Men and What our rolls are in this world and what it really means to be a MAN its sick I really recommend it whether you married or not its really help you understand some stuff!

Thanks guys for reading its only a short one but its been along day… haha but I’m sure you want a break form all the reading too!

Love you guys


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Teaching wheels?

This song is so good let me know what you think

Ok time to write got distracted typical…
anyway had a sweet day if I do say so myself. Today we did your teaching assessments and I was teaching people to change the wheel on a car! Was fun really fun. I think things like this is where I really enjoy myself I love doing practical stuff I really I excel at it. I personally thin I did a really good job at teaching today and so did my assessors. And I now what your thinking… here we go now I got to read him go on about how amazing he is… but no I’m saying this because over the past few days I have been really struggling being here and trying to absorb all the information that is being thrown at me. Like I have said on the past few posts I’m really starting to understand the way I learn. And today was just a huge encouragement to me because all the information I have been taken in over the past few days came out today! I was able to teach a small group of people effectively and that is something I wouldn’t have been able to do before. Also God was in everything because I was no where near as nervous as I should have been! Me Speaking in front of people… no chance… well not now!! Ha-ha God is good right!!!

Also today I learnt how to clean paint brushes. Taught by Mr. Zach he did a sweet job
Then I learnt how to do stretches which is sick cos there really helpful with surfing! Taught by Miss Faith she did a Stella Job
And then learnt how to make welcome cards by good friend Callie Kidwell who has got this teaching thing DOWN!

So yeah was a good day not much to report about it was very practical and I loved that.

One thing, as most of you know iv been pretty down the past few days and a little bit home sick… but I dunno was talking to one of my good friends on skype and yeah I’m feeling so much better we had a bit of a whine together, its just good to know that people are there for you and do actually care about you! Also Was talking to my buddy Rhys LAD! And yeah dude thank you bro your words really encourage me thanks man it meant a lot it really did.
So guys really I just want you to take that extra step when you see a friend in need even just giving them a call can lift there sprits. don’t ever think that you calling them that your just being nosey or being annoying because your not people need friends so be that friend to the people who need you!

Christmas soon guys!
I have a day off tomorrow so shall give you an update Monday

Please keep praying God is teaching me so much stuff I’m so excited to use my skills for the up and coming school! Its going to be SICK!!!!

Just Want to say think you to all the staff at Ywam Tribe to Tribe you guys have been such a blessing to my thanks for all the help and support you have given me and the encouragements have really given me such confidents in myself so i just wan to say think you the next week is going to be tough but iv got this!

Peace x

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The time has come to…. Teach.

Hey everyone! Just another day of learning. today has been really sweet when I walked to class this morning I just had my ipod on and was praying, one thing I asked God was that maybe he could some how make this day not so Intense! Because my head was still hurting from the day before… So he did!

So yea the things we did today weren’t new to me so I didn’t have to take in as much because most of it was already there. We were basically doing all of the paper work for our teaching session tomorrow. So the things we went through were risk assessments, doing a lesson plan and structuring our time. It’s cool because when I was studying engineering we did so many risk assessments! They are always a pain in the neck (if you have done them before you know what I mean..) but there pretty straight forward when you have done a few before. Planning a teaching program was really fun because I’m teaching people how to change a tyre ( tire for Americans )on a car so that’s something that’s practical and I love doing stuff like that! Surprising really as my Dad drilled it into me so much! Love you dad! No but seriously Dad thank you for teaching me all tho’s things and it shows even though you thought I wasn’t listening I really was! So yeah teaching something that you love doing is really fun. I’m actually really excited to do this tomorrow.

Organisation is a huge thing for this task, Its something I’m not very good at but as one person said to me… “you have to be organised to lead a team on outreach…” so that gave me a kick up the backside to get my self sorted! So this has been really cool I’m learning it! Putting things in order, organising my time I’m getting there!

If I was to say the main things that I have learnt today…
Planning! I don’t think I realised how important it is to plan. I mean I have always just rolled with things… and I don’t see that as a bad thing depends on the situation. But there has been times where I have had time to plan but have chose not to… which I see now is foolish because what ever it was I could have planned for would have been so much better and I would have covered so much more. Also people would have found it easier to learn because I wouldn’t be jumping all over the place… that’s what happens when you wing it you jump around.

I got a big day tomorrow! So I’m gonging to go practice taking a tyre on and off a car… and time my self its like being in a pit crew… so yeah please pray that everything goes well and that God helps me out.

Thank you for everything! Really! Thank you

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Hear we go again another blog entry! So yeah today well… just a little overwhelming but that’s good right? Out of my comfort zone again (right where God wants me.)

Today we focused on Individual learning or 1 on 1 training. It was sweet we learnt really how to plan, do and review a 1 on 1. This is actually a hard one for me to write about. Because I have already done a school. I could see all the places where I went wrong or things i have missed out on doing. so hearing this stuff has hit me pretty hard. But I see that as good because now I can learn from the my past decisions so it give’s me more determination to actually Change because I can see how my actions and how I act in these 1 on 1 situations can really effect the student I am mentioning. I didn’t realise how important it was to plan a 1 on 1’s! I mean so many times I would be like so….. And the student would look at me with a blank face… (for all who have done these you know what I’m talking about!) it not like I wasn’t taught this stuff I think I kinda just took it for granted that yeah don’t worry things will be fine… so it was cool to have that plan thing refreshed in my mind!

I Guess the one thing I struggled with was keeping the conversation on track and talking about the actual topic that they have been learning about. not talking about how they hate there room mate… so we actually did some “practice” 1 on 1’s that was very interesting! I had this guy who just gave me such a hard time… he was the student and I was trying to find the learning gap and then do an action plan on how I could help him fill that Gap and help him turn to God for the answers and not to seek me for them. It was really cool to hear that our student's aren’t meant to rely on ME for all there problems. I say that because I wont always be there in there life but God will and that’s who we want them to rely on!

That’s huge for me because the past 3 days if I didn’t have God man I would have crashed and burned. I’m still struggling being here… I feel like I’m in a huge spiritual battle right now. The enemy wants me to RUN because he Knows that if I'm hear learning this stuff I’m going to be a huge threat to his kingdom! I MEAN I'M BEING EQUIPPED TO EQUIP PEOPLE TO FIGHT AGAINST HIM OF COURSE HE'S GOING TO HATE ME!! So I’m stoked that me being here and actually learning this stuff is getting up Satan’s nose!!! Sweet huh? So yeah I know how important it is to have God as your Rock, your firm foundation because I would have crumbled if I didn’t have God to turn to when things get heavy. The past 3 days when ever I’m on my own, I’m with God just chatting and telling him my problems and iv never had so much joy.

So back on topic… yeah Learning how to do 1 on 1’s is sweet because I want to be able to serve my students as much as possible! So were going to be doing that every day I think? Well alot anyway way.

So yeah that’s it I have learnt a lot today it been a bit overwhelming alot of information to take in. but I know that why I’m hear because I don’t know most of this stuff… And God want’s me to know it so I can serve him as a leader in YWAM!

so thank you guys for all the prayers and support you really are such an encouragement to me! I love you all

shout out to P MAC Thanks for reading Bro!

Prayer points
  • protection against the enemy
  • that God will give me a heart for Learning and also this place
  • That God reviles him self to me on such a new level!
  • Also the students are going on outreach Saturday and they have learnt so much so just pray that God will blow there minds!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

learning how to learn

Hey guys, Just keeping you posted on what I’m really learning on this course. Today we were learning about Learning Styles. it was really sweet Learning different ways that people learn. auditory, visual and Kinaesthetic this was sweet because i got to find out how learnt stuff. i found out that I’m very very Kinaesthetic. this really opened my eyes allot to the way i react to "school"
The first day I got to Newcastle I was very shall we say scared? I say that because I didn’t know what to expect all I knew was that there's going to be allot of work... so I freaked out. when we turned up for lectures I instantly set my self up to fail. I was worried about the amount of homework, Learning so much in a small space of time (I thought I wouldn't take anything in) and also just not passing the course... all these things stacked up on me over the day. I really isolated myself, shut down and really wanted to go home... But that night I spent allot of time with God just talking telling him how I feel. After Sharing with the Big Man upstairs he really gave me allot of peace that I am here because he knows I need to learn this stuff because I don’t know it... Also because God put me here he knows that I can handle it!!!! But I was still worried a little bit you know what I mean? Also Skyped my Dad he gave me so much Wisdom on so much stuff Related to this and not related to this so just want to say thanks Dad. love you!

So today was soooooooo good! The main thing that hit me today was when we were talking about pushing students out of comfort zones and that being out of your comfort zone is where you learn the most! that was sick but also we talked about the natural Human reaction is when we get out of our comfort zones. for example there's the people who get aggressive, disruptive and are very outward in the way they express them self in uncomfortable situations and then there's the people who express it inwardly (ME) Shut down, isolate them self’s, Go quiet and Want/do Run away... But that was sick because 1. I knew I wasn’t the only one. 2 The teachers of this course know exactly what I’m going through and are able to help me get through this! sweet huh?
Then after going through that I had a sweet revelation of how I can actually use this to help the students that ill be teaching in the future. Because I can relate to them if they are going through what iv already been/dealing with. I also learnt that all of this ISNT A BAD THING Because its just the way we are! its the way we learn, its the way God made us. Now going back the fact I'm very Kinaesthetic means that i learn by doing stuff! And that’s not my fault so when i was put into the class room again I freaked out because I instantly thought oh no here we go again... I’m gona be sitting and writing for hours on end... which I don’t do well doing. but Because were lenring basically how to teach... and how to cater for all types of learning, actually Learning this stuff my type of leering is being catered for so it FUN! Now I can take all of this and when I go back to the sunny coast getting ready to staff the January school I can now relate to my students and cater for there way for learning. Also know how to find out how they learning and how I can help them! its so sweet! I’m super excited about the stuff I’m gona learn! while I was going through a rough time last night talking to God I was praying that he would actually give me a heart for this place and what I’m lenring... Can't you tell... He has already answered my PRAYER!

For the next 8 days I will be bloging everyday wont always be along one but I really want you guys to know what I’m leering its exciting stuff :)

Love you guys!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tired But Strong

Its this time of the year again!! HAPPY THANKS GIVING!! Well for tho’s who are American for the others happy 27th of November. Anyway to the serious stuff. Last week was PRAYER WEEK! Exciting stuff. As always prayer week is always a much anticipated week. God does a lot of healing this week physically and spiritually! So I’m just gona share some story’s because that’s all I can really do for this. so hope they inspire you to have faith and trust in God that he does listen to us and he does respond to our prayers and he knows our hearts.
So I had a prayers slot between 1am - 3am but all tighter I must have had around 16hrs of sleep all week just little naps here and there you know… but its was awesome because God completely gave me strength! I was very rarely tired. I mean my Body was exhausted aching and weak but mentally and spiritually I was completely fine! It was something I prayed for every day that God would give me strength to pray through the night and he did!
So saying that the first night we prayed for a lot Healing and we had some! We prayed for Corey that day he fell over and twisted his ankle. So we prayed for him and god answered he was walking around jumping up and down was so sick so that really got us pumped to keep praying for more!
So we kept praying all night for different people, I ended up praying for Dylan and we prayed all night…. For 2 till 7 in the morning… we were praying for his back and we just wrestled with God al night. But you know he didn’t get healed and I don’t know why I guess its just one of tho’s things where God is painting on such a bigger canvas. That’s were we just gota trust in God because he knows what he’s doing. The way I see it is that God could have healed him there and then and 4 of us would have been really encouraged and stoked. Or Gods gona heal him in the future where hundreds of people will see his story and be saved from seeing God do a miracle. So I think one thing I had to get my head around was that God is so much bigger that what we could ever comprehend… he really is looking at things from a different perspective. Which really comforts me knowing that God has such a bigger plan for my life something bigger that I could ever plan. So rest easy folks your in for one sick ride if your walking in true faith with the creator of this universe!
But we did pray for another Girl and her back did get healed so Gods good right! But I’m gona post a link to Claude’s Blog because some exciting stuff happened to her over prayer week so it would be cool to actually ready her Blog to see the students perspective of things so be sure to comment on her Blog will be super encouraging for her! So read her Story it will really show you what were doing out here its sweet.

So on a new topic! This week was EVANGELISM WEEK!! Its been a tiring 2 weeks as you can tell. This week Ryan the base director spoke on evangelism, he’s such a good speaker and gets you pumps to share the good news to people. So basically the the whole week is just go out and evangelise. The week was sweet we did a lot of stuff pushing the students to think outside the box and to serve the community so it was an eventful week.

So that has been my week is been super intense but so fun! Just a little update on what I’m doing next. This school goes on outreach in 3 weeks!! And I wont be going with them… sad times. Its because I’m staying back to staff the January school! So in 2 weeks I have to so a Leadership training school for 2 weeks which is a accredited course so I get my cert 4 leadership thing it legit! But its gona cost me a bit of money so I don’t know how you guys are doing financially with Christmas coming up and stuff but I’m struggling a little bit to get some money together to fly down to Newcastle (near Sydney) to go do this course. So if you can and you feel God calling you to some money or this would be awesome would really help me out to get more skills and to be more effective in discipleship so ill leave you to pray about it. If you do feel led and you can get hold of my parents they will sort things out ( love you mum and dad ) so thank you guys for everything you doing to help me out here. You guys are just as much apart of this whole thing as I am. Because I couldn’t do it with out your prayers and money! So God bless you, have a good Thanks giving please keep praying for me and the students! Pray for Matt and Claire as there in New Zealand right now sorting things out and getting ready for some awesome travelling, yeah so Thank you guys once again and ill keep you posted on what happens next week!

Would love to hear from you guys who are reading so drop me an email because I would love to chat to you guys!!!

Love you all God bless

Monday, 16 November 2009

Stuck with the BEST!

So yet another blog post! Hope everyone is doing well just gona give you an update on what’s happened this week its pretty exciting not gona lie well its been all right ill let you guys judge. This week we had a couple come in and teach on relationships, Jono and Naomi there part of Christian surfers Coolum witch is just up the road, they challenged us quite abit and the students definitely made them think about how they act towards one another and how there gona build up there character and stuff. It was cool to see the guys really come together this week as brothers. Jono had a chat to just the guys about guy stuff…. It was sick as a house were all staying accountable and looking after each other its sweet! Been chatting to Joel this week its been so sweet to be apart of what God is doing in his life. God is doing a lot on his heart right now and challenging him in ways he has never been challenged before. This guy has such a good heart! He’s so caring and wants to help people in any way he can I’m stoked. Im just saying this because I dunno its cool to just reflect on what I’m doing here because for so long I just felt like I wasn’t really doing much and I wasn’t really making much of an impact on these guys. But the last 2 days iv taken time to take a step back and take a look at my one on one’s and look at what they were like before the school and seeing them now is well awesome. I take a look at Corey and yeah that guy God has really given him a lot of leadership potential and its been sweet to see him struggle with that responsibility and now starting to really step out in that role and yeah its cool! Also A.J man that kid is such and inspiration! The DTS hasn’t been the smoothest for him but man God is really taking advantage of that! Because when things haven’t gone to well or the house gets a little tough to be in. He just turns to God and just bounces back from everything its soo cool you can just tell God is really pushing him to trust in him and not to put all his trust in the world and people!. Also Nick man that guy has been trough some stuff and yeah when he first came here he didn’t really want to be here and now he’s a bible reading machine! He really wants to just study God and to know what God has in store for him its cool because as well as just reading the bible he’s really trying to get that relationship with God down. So yeah I’m stoked about my student’s I’m finally seeing how God is using me to impact there lives so please keep praying for them there being pushed so much and I cant wait to see what God does with them on outreach!

We went to Fraiser Island this weekend and yeah wow it’s a tough week! Its sweet because we get to do off roading and camp and visit some kick ass lakes. But yeah because we have so many people and so much camping stuff the trucks are really heavy.

So heavy truck + Sand = Stuck we got stuck a lot!

But how ever hard Fraser gets sometimes beging stuck in a truck with the same people for 2 days you really get some Bondage! Its sweet how close you get with people in tho’s situations! Also to top it off on the way back we had to drive back to the sunny coast which is 2 hours away in our vans and yeah our van broke down 10mins out of Fraser and we were in the middle of no where……. There was 5 of us and we had to wait for the pick p truck and wiat for the outher bus to go home and then pick us back up so we were there for a long time….. Like 5hours…. But it was the best 5 hours of the whole weekend!! Me, Amanda, Claudy, Kim and Jonathan were just chilling we got so tight! then we ordered a pizza and then put all the sleeping bags on the floor and just looked at the stars for so long was EPIC! You cant make moments like tho’s! So that was my epic week this week I feel is gona be even better! Its prayer week so were doing more or less 24/5 prayer we have teams and take shifts of going to the church and praying and have ministry times its sweet God does a lot of heart changing on this week so EXPECT BIG STUFF! Ill let you guys know how it goes and what cool stuff is gona happen! Iv got the 1am - 3am prayer slot so sweet!!! Prayer stuff just keep pryaing for the same stuff but pray for prayer week that God does a lot this week! Also I need some pray for guidance about some stuff so if you could pray for that that would be sweet! I just want to say thank you to all of you guys who are supporting me finically and in prayer because with out you guys I wouldn’t be here helping these students turn there life’s to God and help them fins there foundations in Christ all of you guys are just as much apart of this as me you guys are such a blessing to me and to the student. God is truly going to bless you!! Please keep praying and keep pushing into God he knows exatly where all of you are at and he want you guys just to keep asking him to help you guys out and ask him to show you something you have never seen before!! Cos he will supprise you!

Hey Claudy

Love you guys God bless xxx

Sunday, 1 November 2009

God Provides

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while been super busy… but then I find myself stuck on what to write. Wired how that works but anyway here we go…the topic for last week was the fear of the lord which in any circumstance is a deep issue. So we started on that with a Australian speaker.. Monday he started speaking just touching on some issues like the grace of God and the LAW of God and the balance between the two. We spoke then on how grace with out Law is just a license to sin and how people to often just look to the new testament and speak about how gracious God is and all that but he spoke that there is a key balance between the two and when you lean to much into law you become extremely judgmental but then when you go to much in to grace you don't have the boundaries of law and you can do whatever you want and God will just forgive you. It been really good because it has really made the students think about the choices they make In there life. Personally I think what he was talking about was really extreme but I think he did that to make the students ask questions and to look the theology up for them self’s and take it to the bible. Which they did! As staff we get all the questions when we get back to the house. All the heavy stuff like predestination and stuff like that. Basically all the stuff theologians have been debating for years… its been sweet because that makes me go back to my bible and start seeking out a few things. That week a lot the students really responded to the teaching of fear of the lord, A lot of hearts were changed, which is awesome but also that weekend we had a a lot of spiritual warfare in the house. So that was another thing God really grew me in. a complete change of subject but we went to Australia zoo!! Was awesome got to spoon with a kangaroo was awesome! This weeks teaching was on the nature and character of God. The speaker was really good really came down the there level and it turned into more of a question and answers week even tho there wasn’t many answers because well… God is just too big! But it was good to really see the students just wrestling with God and really wanting to push into his word and strive to get that relationship with him. Also this week was giving week where the base staff and the DTS students came together and share with everyone there needs for example. Students were short of money for outreach the skate ministry team needed some money for some skate ramps to build in the Philippines. All ministry needs a I guess people asked for backpacks, sleeping bags etc. so with about 40 or so people in that morning we had a lot off needs!! So we just waited on God and we let him speak to us individually and we wrote down like and IOU and how much/what were giving and then people would cross it off the board. Everything was anonymously which was awesome. Altogether we raised over $29,000 dollars Praise God! One thing God was teaching me through this was Giving but not just giving but giving when it hurts, giving what you don’t have and giving what you love the most. I'm telling what ever people think they might think your stupid crazy and idiot! When you give out of what you don’t have that is when God truly blesses you! This weekend was pretty sick we helped out at the Yaroomba Classic surf comp. was a good day making burgers and snags for the surf community was a really fun day. Also watching people surf and also surfing my self cant really beat it!
That really wraps up this blog post if there is anything to pray for its

Unity amongst the leadership team

Protection against spiritual warfare
Time management

This week is spiritual Warfare/Jewish roots so the students will respond well to it.

Book to read if you can get your hands on it A Divine Revelation Of Hell Mary K. Baxter Iv been reading it the past few days and its really impacted me. Hell SUCKS! Big time and when you read this book you will know why so the whole time I’m reading this book Names of people who don’t know God keep coming into my mind and my heart breaks. So I pray for you guys who don’t really know God yet because well… So I challenge you to really start seeking some answers about God and take a little look into what its all about. You might be surprised if you approach it with an open mind and an open heart.

Also just going to link my 1 on 1’s blogs so you cant read all the things thats DTS.

Corey -

Joel -

A.J -

Nick - Does a personal journal

keep them in your prayers God is growing them so much!

Love you all

God bless

Take a look at this video it so cool blew me away!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

+ 7 to the kingdom!

Sorry Its taken so long to do a blog update been kinda busy. But then I think about it and I haven’t got much to write… funny how that works. But here we go.
We shall start with Monday last week… was a good old day ha-ha no seriously was such a good day. We had evangelism and again God was awesome. After all this evangelism that iv been doing iv been kinda bummed out that I haven’t really seen a salvation. I know that’s a little selfish but I really wanted to see a salvation. So before we went out we had a prayer/worship sesh and I got really pumped for it and I also asked God could I see a salvation… so when we went out the first group of people I spoke to completely rejected me. So leaving them a little disheartened but knowing that God just gave me a few rewards in heaven (Luke 6 22-23) Then I saw my mate Spencer and I asked him if he wanted to come with me to talk to these two kids. So we did and got to know them a bit. There names were Jessie 17 and Ryan 17, so we started talking to them about God and hearing his voice and stuff and after like an hour or so they gave there life’s to Christ! It was awesome we hung out all night for like 4 hours I was so cool to see there hearts really open up. They don’t live here they live down south but when they come back up there gona give m a ring to hang out and come to church. Sick huh? so that's 7 people who have given there life's to Christ on this school!! all God nothing of us!
That we were having lectures on hearing the voice of God (personal favourite) Jason this guy from Brisbane, he was really good was a really laid back them and really got the students thinking about there relationship with God and how important it is to wait on God to give him a chance to speak. We did a little exercise were we waited on God, God give us words/scripture for people and then we picked a name out of a hat and then we would give the word we got form God to that person. (to understand it God already knew what name you were gona pick so he would give you a word for that name) I cool bit of scripture for Roz and it was exactly what she was struggling with at the time. Also Christi gave me Isaiah 46: 30-31 this relates directly to how I was feeling. Iv been so tired this whole week has been exhausting. But iv been missing one thing in my week and that’s my quite times with God. I haven’t been spending time this him. So iv been getting tired and loosening my strength you get me.. So Isaiah talks about renewing your strength and hope so iv been doing it getting back into my quite times and then hopping God will pull me out of this low… an he has I feel so much better!!! This week has been sick!
To get back on track to what I was talking about. Yeah God speaks he really does you just have to wait and listen. It takes practice its like a friendship once your really good friends with someone and you have known them for a long time you can hear and recognise there voice in like a group of people. it’s the same with God you have to build that relationship then you will recognise his voice.
My one on ones are doing really well all them are hearing Gods voice and building on that relationship and yeah there really going for it! There’s been a few hick ups but you know Gods grace is enough right?
On Saturday I went on a cool trip with the surfers DTS and Christian surfers Coolum. We went to a surf spot called DI (double island point) for all thos who have seen the film Endless summer it’s the super secret Australian surf spot… and also the flattest wave in the world……. Ha-ha they just got it at the wrong time.. And so did we…… it was soooooooooo windy ha-ha o well. But its cool you can only get there with a 4x4 you have to drive up at low tide and then your stuck there till the tide drops so yeah it’s a bit of a trek. Hopefully ill get to go again and get it good!!
This week have been a Challenge for a lot of the students. We had Dan Speak on Kingdom of God, he’s from our base so we know him pretty well. But man he spoke some truth and it challenged me and really challenged the students. He Got us really thinking about our Walks with God and are we really bringing the Kingdom of God or are we just relying on a free ticket to heaven?? I wont go into it because its very heavy. The way he did it though was so good changed my whole out look on the way I live my life and how selfish I can be. The students responded really well they asked loads of questions and really dug deep in to the topic.
It was good my one on ones responded really well to it. I had to clarify a few things with them but they enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it.
Evangelism this week well…. The hardest thing iv ever done in my life… we spoke to a group of like 8 people and we just debated fro like 2 hours. Got mocked insulted fun times!! But was Good made me want go read the bible more ha-ha.
Last night we had small groups. That went down really well were studying the book of Daniel. And were doing a bit of accountability (guy stuff…) Paul and I are heading it up so please pray for that!
That’s basically it. Sorry it’s a bit all over the place I wont forget to update it next time so ill remember what happened in the week. Because I had so much to think about I just got lost… but the main thing are up I hope you enjoyed! And please please please leave comments I kinda feel like im writing to my sleff…

Prayer points

My One on One’s that my relationship with them Grows and that we really connect.
That next weeks teaching on The Fear of the Lord will challenge the students again
As staff that we unite and not get to busy and tired
Personaly that I get my quite times in with God and seak him with all issues that come up with the school

Also lift up my mum in prayer she’s still in a lot of pain with here back and my dad also and my sister basicly my family!! I love them to bits!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Trusting In Him

This week God has really blown me away! The more you trust in him and take risks the more God pulls through and takes control.
This week went crazy right from the beginning, the students started arriving Friday to Sunday. Was really hectic getting people settled in and getting over the awarkwardness. Monday God really pushed us, Monday nights are evangelism nights. We go down to Mooloolaba basically ask God to lead us to people so we can tell them about Jesus. It wasn’t on Monday but I really felt like I still wanted to go down and pray over the place and do whatever. So I asked Callie (fellow staff) and Brogan if they wanted to come with me. And they did then when we were about to come 2 of the students wanted to come with us so we were like For Show! So out side our house we held hands and prayed for God to be with us and all that Jazz. We Got to Mooloolaba and we kinda just walked around and we all felt led to different people so we split up. I was walking around for awhile praying and God wasn’t really saying much to me. There was this one Guy (Paul) sitting on a bench on his own. So I kept walking past and God was pushing me to go talk to him. But I was a little scared and just keept walking past and then sitting down like starring at him…. If he had seen me he must have thought I was a right weirdo. Then all of a sudden he got up and started to leave. I have never felt so bad in all my life for ignoring God. So like after 5min of talking to my self and God. He was just in the distance just about to go out of sight. When God was like RUN! And I just did… I chased Paul and got up to him and went…. “hey how are things…..” like what?? I couldn’t have thought of something better to say I’m such and idiot ha-ha. But God took control of the situation I started sharing the Gospel to him and he was accepting it in a way. So I went through all that and at the end he was like thanks man I will try and go to church again. We talked for like 45min and he didn’t get saved but God is really working on his heart it was sick. Also when we all meet up Brogan and Cory lead to guys to Christ prayed with them and all that, then Kyle a couple to Christ So that 4 more peeps who have joined Gods Kingdom!

After that awesome start to the week and also to the school we have had orientation week. Intoing the guys to the school and what will be happening etc. we also did our 1 on 1’s. they were really good I have 4 guys who ill be mentoring and dispelling for 3 months. We basically go out and chat about well…. Life issues and stuff. Its cool all of them I connect with really well and just opened up straight away so Praise God!. Also we had small groups. For the first one we did a photo scavenger hunt where we had to take different pictures of our self’s doing stupid stuff and certain locations was awesome iv put some pictures up.

Friday Night was another epic night! WE all went down the beach to hang out and chill. Towards the end of the night this homeless guy sat next to a few of the girls and started talking to them. But then got changed in front of them to go swimming…. Was kinda wired. So I just went up and asked him what he was doing and if he was going for a swim. He replyed “ yea I need to wash myself clean form all the hurt and all the violence…” so there it was time to let him know about Jesus! So after watching him swim making sure he didn’t drown (he was a little drunk) the guy said they would pry for me as I’m speaking to him. After lie 30min of trying to talk to him I felt there was more to this conversation than just sharing the gospel to him. Cory and Spencer two of the students came over and introduced them self’s and they were feeling the same thing. We found ourselves in a pretty heavy spiritual fight. By the end of it this guy prayed and accepted Jesus into his life but was still being influenced by what ever was talking to him at the time. I don’t wana talk about it to much but by the end he walked off. That night when we got back we all prayed together for protection. And we felt at peace again and that God really did use us in that situation. He gave us a lot of grace because we could have handled it a little bit different but we were obedient and trusting in God. It all apart of learning right?

The next day was so sick! I went with the surf school to teach disabled people to surf! Was awesome! Iv never felt so happy in my life! Seeing thos guys getting stoked after they ride on a way was so fulfilling! I had a smile on my face all day. I could have done it all day! It also made me appreciate surf so much more and life. I wont say no more about that I got a little video of that days adventure!

Prayer Points
Pray for thos guys we have spoken to the past week. Paul and Andrew the homless guy
The guys who got saved
My 1 on 1’s
Nick my 1 on 1 he’s giving up smoking
That I don’t get to busy for God
Friendships keep growing
That the guys hear Gods voice because that’s what there learning about this this week
My mum shes not feeling to good here Back/leg is still bad. Also shes keeps searching for God
That the students have and open heart
And against spiritual warfare

p.s There is a video coming of D.S.A but my computer cant really andel the editing software so bare with me J also went out evangelising Monday and we led 2 guys to Christ will blog it this week.

Love you all and thank you so much for your prayers and support

Peace x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Twelve again

Just quick one, today most of the students have arrived so they seem to be pretty happy getting to know each other and stuff so were just kinda leaving them to it for now so they can bond and stuff… but what I really what to write about is my walk with God its was a really interesting one. I was just chilling with God in my room and for some reason I just kept getting distracted. All the time I would pray and my mind would wonder… so then I just went “look God I cant focus what’s the deal…? And he said “go for a walk” so being the lazy person that I am. It took me awhile to get off my butt. So when I did I just started walking down to the beach. You have to go through the street to get to the beach. So I was walking through and there were a bunch of 15 - 20 kids aged between 8 and 14 I guess. So when I walked past them they all stared at me while I walked past with my head phones on… So I just went past and God instantly said “Why didn’t you talk to them..” and I responded saying “didn’t know u wanted me to…and they were pretty intimidating” and God was like “ you say your heart is for youth, and then you just walk past a bunch of them without even saying hi?” so I got really convicted. so I walked to the beach praying for them and I said “God if you want me to chat to them then they will be there when I walk back.” thinking obviously that they wont be and ill get away with it.
When I got to the beach a few of the guys were there and I just had a chat with them. Seeing how they were settling in and how they were doing etc. so after they left I had been about and hour and half. So I walked along the beach praying for you guys and my family and all that jazz. And when I started heading back up I remembered what I said to God and started to sych my self up. And I got really excited and stoked for it. Then I was just around the corner from where I saw them and then all that confidence had gone. And then I saw them all just cruising around on there bikes and skateboards and stuff. I said to God “ seriously you really need to do something here because I don’t have a clue how to approach them.” so put my headphones down and started to walk past. When a few of the girls started shouting at me asking if my name was Eroch or something stupid… ( I guess God had to think fast and couldn’t think of a name or summit ha-ha ) so then it was open for conversation. They asked me where I was form and all the basic stuff ( they were pretty stoked I was from Wales!)
Then this Kid came up to me on his bike and asked me about my headphones and if I surfed and what I was doing. ( this kid rode past me on his bike like 2min before and almost hit me so I made a little joke about how he almost killed me… oh how we laughed ha-ha) then he asked me what I was doing. I explained I was with YWAM and what we did and stuff and he kept asking questions about the church. So I asked him what he thought on Christianity. He said half his family were Christians but he didn’t really believe in religion but he respected it and was open to it. So I just asked him his thought on Jesus. He said he new what he was about and what he did but didn’t really answer my question. He quickly changed the subject to surfing and asked me loads of surf questions. I was about to ask him his name and say I would pray for him and then he was like “ sweet nice to see you mate catch you soon” and he went. I said goodbye to all the kids and walked home. I felt kinda gutted in away but God said “ don’t worry you will be here more often…” so I guess ill be heading down there daily! My heart instantly broke for tho’s kids and I just wanted to hang out with them. It remembered when I was that age just chilling with my buddies good times. I felt like I was 12 again ha-ha. I still am….
So pray for thos kids don’t have any names yet but pray that God uses me and give me confidence. Also that I don’t try and do it under my own strength and I completely depend on him to supply me with the words. Also that he softens there heart.


Thursday, 24 September 2009

It begins!

Hey! Its been one week on the sunshine coast and it’s been pretty eventful well….. Kinda.
I flew in on the 14th arrived at the airport. was interesting because I saw a friend from my church on the same plane as me. His name is William Pritchard (friends with Robin) so it was cool to see have a chat to him and see how things were and what he was up to. So should be meeting up with him soon. Hopefully have a chance to have a little prayer sesh with him. Phil my outreach leader picked me up from the airport. was sick to have a familiar face and have a catch up on life while we drove back to the house that I would be saying at.
On that day we got straight into things. We had orientation with Justin and Kelly ( my school leaders) and had a chance to meet some of the staff who ill be working with. First off there Justin and Kelly there from the states there awesome! Really friendly guys and really encouraging. Then there’s Callie really nice lass also from the states. she’s all about evangelism. Hopefully learn a few things. And Roz she’s from England Cornwall so its nice to have some britishness around ( still not Welsh though so its not quite the same ha-ha) Then there’s Amanda and C.J. Amanda is from the states an C.J is from Canada these girls were on the September school the school before mine. And yeah we get along well there both super friendly. Then there’s Bri she’s from Ozzy land so we got some localism on the team which is nice. And then there’s Paul my roomy from Canada. Paul was on staff on my school so we get along fine its pretty hilarious. Banter! Also were living with a cool kid (I say kid he’s like 25.…) called Kim he’s from south Korea he’s a mission builder he’s my hero!
This week we have had staff training so its been fun….. I guess. Naa its been good all really interesting stuff and vital to what we are doing obviously. Been learning

What it is to be a leader
Time management
Conflict resolution
Outreach prep ( even though I’m not going on this school)
Sorting out 1 on 1’s and small groups
Prayer for the students an each other

All these things were really new to me to its been a bit overwhelming but I know Gods called me here so Ill be fine.
Iv been assigned four 1 on 1’s so ill be mentoring and disciplining these guys and really pouring into them as much as possible. So if you could pray for Cory, Joel, A.J and Nick just that God teaches them something new.
Yeah this week has been good aint surfed much its been pretty flat…. yesterday we had a huge sand storm! couldn’t see a thing…. But it turned the wind off-shore so you guessed it Surf time!! Was about 2ft but perfect! (basically and Epic day for Gennith…)A little bit more swell and well I would still be out there now! So yeah I surfed in a sand storm not many people can say that. Also passed the test for driving The mini buss so I’m a right full owner of a Toyota Hyatt…. Well I say owner I’m just on the insurance for free………. Only have to pay for the Petrol and if I crash the maximum I have to pay is $300 which is about £150 not bad Deal if I do say so myself. So yeah the students start arriving tomorrow so its all go from here!! A few prayer points

Pray for the students That God prepares there hearts and does an amazing amount of healing
That I get organised ad manage my time well
The students get here safe with no problems
That everyone gets along well
The welcome BBQ isn’t awarkward ha-ha like the whole boy’s in one group girls in the other like a school disco ha-ha
Pray protection against spiritual Warfare its been pretty heavy for us staff right now (no sleep, worries, doubts, wired dreams etc.) so pray for that
And some waves its killing me… day was just a tease….Ha-ha

Thank you guys so much for all the support your giving me I appreciate it so much! God is good and I’m so excited for the week ahead He’s going to do some amazing stuff!!

Aint got any videos up not much to film right now so when I do ill put them up and any questions just leave a comment.

Love you all


Sunday, 13 September 2009

The day I leave

Hey just puting up a quick video of a little goodbye trip we did. also will be doing more videos like this as up dates in the future......... Hope you enjoy! x

Monday, 31 August 2009

I'm off in two weeks!

I'm off in two weeks so here are a few clips to keep you busy :)

Hey everyone! its two weeks before i leave so thought id put some stuff on here before i go. the video above is a video i made during my DTS last year i couldn't figure out how to put it on the net but now i have. so thought i my entertain you :)

this video are the lads from home sending me off to oz. enjoy!

This is a random one but cool :)

These are a few pics form outreach

This is Erewan's birthday that we put together for him in the blue room
Indo people don't really celebrate birthdays so he was stoked!! had an cake and everything :P
hes the kid int he yellow shirt

Now some surfing!

the top 2 are me :)

Here's a clip of one of the boys getting barrelled!!

That's basically it for now :) hope you enjoyed that's the last 6 months super short so if i have time before i go ill add some more. Hope things are well with everyone and will keep you posted

Prayer points
  • Haven't got my visa sorted yet and i have 2 weeks till i leave so be praying for that please :)
  • that i get my self organised
  • and God continues to use me here in Swansea till i leave.