Thursday, 24 September 2009

It begins!

Hey! Its been one week on the sunshine coast and it’s been pretty eventful well….. Kinda.
I flew in on the 14th arrived at the airport. was interesting because I saw a friend from my church on the same plane as me. His name is William Pritchard (friends with Robin) so it was cool to see have a chat to him and see how things were and what he was up to. So should be meeting up with him soon. Hopefully have a chance to have a little prayer sesh with him. Phil my outreach leader picked me up from the airport. was sick to have a familiar face and have a catch up on life while we drove back to the house that I would be saying at.
On that day we got straight into things. We had orientation with Justin and Kelly ( my school leaders) and had a chance to meet some of the staff who ill be working with. First off there Justin and Kelly there from the states there awesome! Really friendly guys and really encouraging. Then there’s Callie really nice lass also from the states. she’s all about evangelism. Hopefully learn a few things. And Roz she’s from England Cornwall so its nice to have some britishness around ( still not Welsh though so its not quite the same ha-ha) Then there’s Amanda and C.J. Amanda is from the states an C.J is from Canada these girls were on the September school the school before mine. And yeah we get along well there both super friendly. Then there’s Bri she’s from Ozzy land so we got some localism on the team which is nice. And then there’s Paul my roomy from Canada. Paul was on staff on my school so we get along fine its pretty hilarious. Banter! Also were living with a cool kid (I say kid he’s like 25.…) called Kim he’s from south Korea he’s a mission builder he’s my hero!
This week we have had staff training so its been fun….. I guess. Naa its been good all really interesting stuff and vital to what we are doing obviously. Been learning

What it is to be a leader
Time management
Conflict resolution
Outreach prep ( even though I’m not going on this school)
Sorting out 1 on 1’s and small groups
Prayer for the students an each other

All these things were really new to me to its been a bit overwhelming but I know Gods called me here so Ill be fine.
Iv been assigned four 1 on 1’s so ill be mentoring and disciplining these guys and really pouring into them as much as possible. So if you could pray for Cory, Joel, A.J and Nick just that God teaches them something new.
Yeah this week has been good aint surfed much its been pretty flat…. yesterday we had a huge sand storm! couldn’t see a thing…. But it turned the wind off-shore so you guessed it Surf time!! Was about 2ft but perfect! (basically and Epic day for Gennith…)A little bit more swell and well I would still be out there now! So yeah I surfed in a sand storm not many people can say that. Also passed the test for driving The mini buss so I’m a right full owner of a Toyota Hyatt…. Well I say owner I’m just on the insurance for free………. Only have to pay for the Petrol and if I crash the maximum I have to pay is $300 which is about £150 not bad Deal if I do say so myself. So yeah the students start arriving tomorrow so its all go from here!! A few prayer points

Pray for the students That God prepares there hearts and does an amazing amount of healing
That I get organised ad manage my time well
The students get here safe with no problems
That everyone gets along well
The welcome BBQ isn’t awarkward ha-ha like the whole boy’s in one group girls in the other like a school disco ha-ha
Pray protection against spiritual Warfare its been pretty heavy for us staff right now (no sleep, worries, doubts, wired dreams etc.) so pray for that
And some waves its killing me… day was just a tease….Ha-ha

Thank you guys so much for all the support your giving me I appreciate it so much! God is good and I’m so excited for the week ahead He’s going to do some amazing stuff!!

Aint got any videos up not much to film right now so when I do ill put them up and any questions just leave a comment.

Love you all



stuart.marks1 said...
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stuart.marks1 said...

I think your blog is fantastic and the feed back from your 1 on 1’s and small groups
is awesome, there was a section from CLAUDYS blog that I immediately connected with (something blocking me from truly connecting with God) as you know Dan I’ve been struggling with this for a while(still am…please pray).
And I think your Fb profile pic’ is really cool!!!
Dad x

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