Saturday, 16 January 2010

It’s a start to a new beginning

Hey guys! Its been along time since iv updated this I took a little break over the Christmas holiday’s not that don’t enjoy doing this its just not a lot of big stuff happened but a lot of personal stuff happened good and bad but I don’t feel like I should tell the world about it haha. So yeah this hope you guys had a good Christmas and new years. I’m just gona tell you some cool God storys! There always good right?? Of course!
I guess it starts just before Christmas! I just got back from Newcastle and yeah I was pretty much just done… I was so ready just to chill and not think about anything! So I hung out with one of my really good friends Mallory. It was cool God showed us something amazing!! That I still really cant explain… and we have never seen it again. We were down the beach just chilling catching up and we decided to walk around one of the points that personally iv never walked around before. So we walked and all of a sudden I saw like a little glow of electric blue in the sand. It was a little spec and it was like a pulse and I looked at Mallory and I was like you see that??!! And she didn’t say anything at first thinking she was the only one who saw it. So we went over to it and it glowed again so I picked it up and I couldn’t see anything it was like sand… so small. Cool huh? Well it gets better. So we carried on walking and we just saw more and more of them. They were every where… we looked back and our foot prints were glowing blue!! Was soooooo sick! every time we stepped the sand would turn blue. We could write our names and the bottom of our feet were blue was sooo cool. We both realised that God was blessing us with a pretty awesome Christmas gift! The best Christmas gift I could ever have! Its something I will never forget. God is so creative and so big. He’s awesome I love it when he blesses us like that. There really is no need for it but he did it anyway thanks God!
Its hard to think back to some of the stuff that happened there’s been a few ups and downs but I just want to take this time just to say thank you to God for the friends he has blessed me with! Umm. Its been hard out here being away from home for Christmas and a hot Christmas is just not that fun! Its just not Christmas! but my friends have really stuck by me and just encouraged me and just had my back. We have had a good time over Christmas. but it was till hard I know I wasn’t the only one struggling and yeah it was nice to be there for my friends too. It really was. I think a lot of us think we have so many friends in this world. But really ask yourself?? Do I have true friends? I think when it comes down to it. you will find that you would be lucky if you had one or two ‘True’ Friends. Someone who will go out of there way to bless you. Who will be there for you at 3 o’clock in the morning when your at your weakest moment. Someone who prays for you daily. Who will do anything they can to help you out. Who would give there life for you! Seriously think about it I know there are a lot more things that are important in a true friend but really think how many of your friends would do that for you… and also it goes the other way how many of your friends would you do that for?? Are you being a true friend?? If your not then look at the friends who are being true friends to you and see if its worth going that extra mile for them? Because if you don’t go that extra mile for the people who care about you then your missing out on a huge blessing that God wants to give you.


Yeah think God has shown me a lot about friendship this month and yeah guys keep your true friends close. Fight for them! Bless them! Go that extra mile for them! Because those friends will be there for you what ever happens. How ever bad you mess up however stupid you can be. They will always be there for you with a lot of Grace and your going to be so thankful!

So yeah The new school started on Jan 12th and its been amazing! Our staff team is So solid and we have been blessed with an epic school leader! A school leader who has such a heart for this school and is willing to go the extra 10k for it! Also willing to do anything God puts on her heart to-do! it’s a real blessing it really is. So if you could lift us staff up in your prayers it would be much appreciated!
School leader: Mallory

We could always do with prayer it does get a little stressful. Also please pray for the students they just did orientation and God kicked it off with a Big start! God did so much healing on Thursday we spent 4 hours in ministry just leaving it open to share what God has done in your life or want him to heal and yeah things that have sucked in the past that you want freedom for. God did it there was a lot of tears a lot of praying and a lot of healing. This day was a day of stuff that had to be explained to the students but Mallory had it on her heart to scrap the plans and just let God do something and he did in such a big way!! God is going to do big things on this school the students have come with such an open heart they want God to come into there life’s and if you want it God is going to give it to you!

Oh and yeah I’m going to Bali/Philippines for outreach!! Doing wake/skate/surf/slum ministry got a team of 7 solid guys! 3 girls 4 guys! Callie and I are leading it! Its going to be SICK! So pray for that! My head is hurting writing this haha but I hope it just shows a little bit of what God has done and I will be on top of keeping this updated and ill share all the cool stuff God does in the hearts of these students!

Other outreach teams to pray for:

India/Bangladesh - Jay & Mallory
India/Nepal - Fleur & Isaac
Thailand/Cambodia - Bryan & Tiffany
Chin - Ben & Heidi
Philippines/Bali - Me & Callie

Love you so much guys!

Just want to ask for one thing. I’m really struggling with finances money is quickly running out and I’m doing my best to budget and yeah I’m a little bit worried but I know God provides he will. So please guys I really need prayer that God will show his might in this area of my life!