Saturday, 26 September 2009

Twelve again

Just quick one, today most of the students have arrived so they seem to be pretty happy getting to know each other and stuff so were just kinda leaving them to it for now so they can bond and stuff… but what I really what to write about is my walk with God its was a really interesting one. I was just chilling with God in my room and for some reason I just kept getting distracted. All the time I would pray and my mind would wonder… so then I just went “look God I cant focus what’s the deal…? And he said “go for a walk” so being the lazy person that I am. It took me awhile to get off my butt. So when I did I just started walking down to the beach. You have to go through the street to get to the beach. So I was walking through and there were a bunch of 15 - 20 kids aged between 8 and 14 I guess. So when I walked past them they all stared at me while I walked past with my head phones on… So I just went past and God instantly said “Why didn’t you talk to them..” and I responded saying “didn’t know u wanted me to…and they were pretty intimidating” and God was like “ you say your heart is for youth, and then you just walk past a bunch of them without even saying hi?” so I got really convicted. so I walked to the beach praying for them and I said “God if you want me to chat to them then they will be there when I walk back.” thinking obviously that they wont be and ill get away with it.
When I got to the beach a few of the guys were there and I just had a chat with them. Seeing how they were settling in and how they were doing etc. so after they left I had been about and hour and half. So I walked along the beach praying for you guys and my family and all that jazz. And when I started heading back up I remembered what I said to God and started to sych my self up. And I got really excited and stoked for it. Then I was just around the corner from where I saw them and then all that confidence had gone. And then I saw them all just cruising around on there bikes and skateboards and stuff. I said to God “ seriously you really need to do something here because I don’t have a clue how to approach them.” so put my headphones down and started to walk past. When a few of the girls started shouting at me asking if my name was Eroch or something stupid… ( I guess God had to think fast and couldn’t think of a name or summit ha-ha ) so then it was open for conversation. They asked me where I was form and all the basic stuff ( they were pretty stoked I was from Wales!)
Then this Kid came up to me on his bike and asked me about my headphones and if I surfed and what I was doing. ( this kid rode past me on his bike like 2min before and almost hit me so I made a little joke about how he almost killed me… oh how we laughed ha-ha) then he asked me what I was doing. I explained I was with YWAM and what we did and stuff and he kept asking questions about the church. So I asked him what he thought on Christianity. He said half his family were Christians but he didn’t really believe in religion but he respected it and was open to it. So I just asked him his thought on Jesus. He said he new what he was about and what he did but didn’t really answer my question. He quickly changed the subject to surfing and asked me loads of surf questions. I was about to ask him his name and say I would pray for him and then he was like “ sweet nice to see you mate catch you soon” and he went. I said goodbye to all the kids and walked home. I felt kinda gutted in away but God said “ don’t worry you will be here more often…” so I guess ill be heading down there daily! My heart instantly broke for tho’s kids and I just wanted to hang out with them. It remembered when I was that age just chilling with my buddies good times. I felt like I was 12 again ha-ha. I still am….
So pray for thos kids don’t have any names yet but pray that God uses me and give me confidence. Also that I don’t try and do it under my own strength and I completely depend on him to supply me with the words. Also that he softens there heart.



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