Saturday, 12 December 2009

Teaching wheels?

This song is so good let me know what you think

Ok time to write got distracted typical…
anyway had a sweet day if I do say so myself. Today we did your teaching assessments and I was teaching people to change the wheel on a car! Was fun really fun. I think things like this is where I really enjoy myself I love doing practical stuff I really I excel at it. I personally thin I did a really good job at teaching today and so did my assessors. And I now what your thinking… here we go now I got to read him go on about how amazing he is… but no I’m saying this because over the past few days I have been really struggling being here and trying to absorb all the information that is being thrown at me. Like I have said on the past few posts I’m really starting to understand the way I learn. And today was just a huge encouragement to me because all the information I have been taken in over the past few days came out today! I was able to teach a small group of people effectively and that is something I wouldn’t have been able to do before. Also God was in everything because I was no where near as nervous as I should have been! Me Speaking in front of people… no chance… well not now!! Ha-ha God is good right!!!

Also today I learnt how to clean paint brushes. Taught by Mr. Zach he did a sweet job
Then I learnt how to do stretches which is sick cos there really helpful with surfing! Taught by Miss Faith she did a Stella Job
And then learnt how to make welcome cards by good friend Callie Kidwell who has got this teaching thing DOWN!

So yeah was a good day not much to report about it was very practical and I loved that.

One thing, as most of you know iv been pretty down the past few days and a little bit home sick… but I dunno was talking to one of my good friends on skype and yeah I’m feeling so much better we had a bit of a whine together, its just good to know that people are there for you and do actually care about you! Also Was talking to my buddy Rhys LAD! And yeah dude thank you bro your words really encourage me thanks man it meant a lot it really did.
So guys really I just want you to take that extra step when you see a friend in need even just giving them a call can lift there sprits. don’t ever think that you calling them that your just being nosey or being annoying because your not people need friends so be that friend to the people who need you!

Christmas soon guys!
I have a day off tomorrow so shall give you an update Monday

Please keep praying God is teaching me so much stuff I’m so excited to use my skills for the up and coming school! Its going to be SICK!!!!

Just Want to say think you to all the staff at Ywam Tribe to Tribe you guys have been such a blessing to my thanks for all the help and support you have given me and the encouragements have really given me such confidents in myself so i just wan to say think you the next week is going to be tough but iv got this!

Peace x


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