Thursday, 10 December 2009

The time has come to…. Teach.

Hey everyone! Just another day of learning. today has been really sweet when I walked to class this morning I just had my ipod on and was praying, one thing I asked God was that maybe he could some how make this day not so Intense! Because my head was still hurting from the day before… So he did!

So yea the things we did today weren’t new to me so I didn’t have to take in as much because most of it was already there. We were basically doing all of the paper work for our teaching session tomorrow. So the things we went through were risk assessments, doing a lesson plan and structuring our time. It’s cool because when I was studying engineering we did so many risk assessments! They are always a pain in the neck (if you have done them before you know what I mean..) but there pretty straight forward when you have done a few before. Planning a teaching program was really fun because I’m teaching people how to change a tyre ( tire for Americans )on a car so that’s something that’s practical and I love doing stuff like that! Surprising really as my Dad drilled it into me so much! Love you dad! No but seriously Dad thank you for teaching me all tho’s things and it shows even though you thought I wasn’t listening I really was! So yeah teaching something that you love doing is really fun. I’m actually really excited to do this tomorrow.

Organisation is a huge thing for this task, Its something I’m not very good at but as one person said to me… “you have to be organised to lead a team on outreach…” so that gave me a kick up the backside to get my self sorted! So this has been really cool I’m learning it! Putting things in order, organising my time I’m getting there!

If I was to say the main things that I have learnt today…
Planning! I don’t think I realised how important it is to plan. I mean I have always just rolled with things… and I don’t see that as a bad thing depends on the situation. But there has been times where I have had time to plan but have chose not to… which I see now is foolish because what ever it was I could have planned for would have been so much better and I would have covered so much more. Also people would have found it easier to learn because I wouldn’t be jumping all over the place… that’s what happens when you wing it you jump around.

I got a big day tomorrow! So I’m gonging to go practice taking a tyre on and off a car… and time my self its like being in a pit crew… so yeah please pray that everything goes well and that God helps me out.

Thank you for everything! Really! Thank you


stuart.marks1 said...

Planning… organization… is this our Dan? The penny has finally dropped! Love you son, very proud of you and what you are doing! Dad x

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