Monday, 14 December 2009

Bad Head? i thnk so...

Ok sweet I’m back where I love too be! Really I am as a lot of you would know! Me enjoying writing?? Really? Yeah really! This whole blog thing has really helped me to express my self I enjoy it. I hope you guys are!

So Today was another day of learning. We started your day leaning abut assessments… seriously I wanted to shoot myself… really I was sitting there like “God I’m ready I really am!” We were thrown all this information and all these abbreviations of these stupidly long words. I really found it hard to take all the information in. It was going in through one ear out through the other it was hard… but I really did try! I was constantly fighting my natural instinct to shut down. And I didn’t! for me that’s like Winning The Billabong Pipeline Masters! ( its epic the waves are so big right now! If you get a chance to watch it the link is below! C.J Hoobgood He’s got this! Too easy! so yeah it was a big step for me today. Then after morning tea it wasn’t so intense… Praise God. We were learning and discussing Small Groups and how to be a small group leader. I t was cool to learn this because my small groups on my last school kinda failed… so hearing all this stuff really pointed out all the things where I went wrong. For starters I should have actually planed something for my small groups… Now I realise how important it is to plan! That’s a huge thing I keep coming up is PLAN. Because I never have really for anything I just roll with it… so that was a big thing also to know that I do have spiritual Authority and I am appointed by God to LEAD not to just be there…and well yeah.. Read a few pages in the bible… so yeah a lot to learn for sure!

God has been doing a lot off personal stuff in my life right now its pretty intense… it really is when I get it all sorted out ill share what God has done! But a good book to recommend reading is “Wild at Heart” it sick its for guys but women read it too it basically talks about how God made Men and What our rolls are in this world and what it really means to be a MAN its sick I really recommend it whether you married or not its really help you understand some stuff!

Thanks guys for reading its only a short one but its been along day… haha but I’m sure you want a break form all the reading too!

Love you guys



stuart.marks1 said...

We don’t need a break from the reading….cos we all love your blogs…house groups to… and lots of people have made comments to us in church about how good and interesting your blogs are… so your not writing to yourself just because you don’t see comments. Dad x

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