Monday, 16 November 2009

Stuck with the BEST!

So yet another blog post! Hope everyone is doing well just gona give you an update on what’s happened this week its pretty exciting not gona lie well its been all right ill let you guys judge. This week we had a couple come in and teach on relationships, Jono and Naomi there part of Christian surfers Coolum witch is just up the road, they challenged us quite abit and the students definitely made them think about how they act towards one another and how there gona build up there character and stuff. It was cool to see the guys really come together this week as brothers. Jono had a chat to just the guys about guy stuff…. It was sick as a house were all staying accountable and looking after each other its sweet! Been chatting to Joel this week its been so sweet to be apart of what God is doing in his life. God is doing a lot on his heart right now and challenging him in ways he has never been challenged before. This guy has such a good heart! He’s so caring and wants to help people in any way he can I’m stoked. Im just saying this because I dunno its cool to just reflect on what I’m doing here because for so long I just felt like I wasn’t really doing much and I wasn’t really making much of an impact on these guys. But the last 2 days iv taken time to take a step back and take a look at my one on one’s and look at what they were like before the school and seeing them now is well awesome. I take a look at Corey and yeah that guy God has really given him a lot of leadership potential and its been sweet to see him struggle with that responsibility and now starting to really step out in that role and yeah its cool! Also A.J man that kid is such and inspiration! The DTS hasn’t been the smoothest for him but man God is really taking advantage of that! Because when things haven’t gone to well or the house gets a little tough to be in. He just turns to God and just bounces back from everything its soo cool you can just tell God is really pushing him to trust in him and not to put all his trust in the world and people!. Also Nick man that guy has been trough some stuff and yeah when he first came here he didn’t really want to be here and now he’s a bible reading machine! He really wants to just study God and to know what God has in store for him its cool because as well as just reading the bible he’s really trying to get that relationship with God down. So yeah I’m stoked about my student’s I’m finally seeing how God is using me to impact there lives so please keep praying for them there being pushed so much and I cant wait to see what God does with them on outreach!

We went to Fraiser Island this weekend and yeah wow it’s a tough week! Its sweet because we get to do off roading and camp and visit some kick ass lakes. But yeah because we have so many people and so much camping stuff the trucks are really heavy.

So heavy truck + Sand = Stuck we got stuck a lot!

But how ever hard Fraser gets sometimes beging stuck in a truck with the same people for 2 days you really get some Bondage! Its sweet how close you get with people in tho’s situations! Also to top it off on the way back we had to drive back to the sunny coast which is 2 hours away in our vans and yeah our van broke down 10mins out of Fraser and we were in the middle of no where……. There was 5 of us and we had to wait for the pick p truck and wiat for the outher bus to go home and then pick us back up so we were there for a long time….. Like 5hours…. But it was the best 5 hours of the whole weekend!! Me, Amanda, Claudy, Kim and Jonathan were just chilling we got so tight! then we ordered a pizza and then put all the sleeping bags on the floor and just looked at the stars for so long was EPIC! You cant make moments like tho’s! So that was my epic week this week I feel is gona be even better! Its prayer week so were doing more or less 24/5 prayer we have teams and take shifts of going to the church and praying and have ministry times its sweet God does a lot of heart changing on this week so EXPECT BIG STUFF! Ill let you guys know how it goes and what cool stuff is gona happen! Iv got the 1am - 3am prayer slot so sweet!!! Prayer stuff just keep pryaing for the same stuff but pray for prayer week that God does a lot this week! Also I need some pray for guidance about some stuff so if you could pray for that that would be sweet! I just want to say thank you to all of you guys who are supporting me finically and in prayer because with out you guys I wouldn’t be here helping these students turn there life’s to God and help them fins there foundations in Christ all of you guys are just as much apart of this as me you guys are such a blessing to me and to the student. God is truly going to bless you!! Please keep praying and keep pushing into God he knows exatly where all of you are at and he want you guys just to keep asking him to help you guys out and ask him to show you something you have never seen before!! Cos he will supprise you!

Hey Claudy

Love you guys God bless xxx


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