Sunday, 1 November 2009

God Provides

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while been super busy… but then I find myself stuck on what to write. Wired how that works but anyway here we go…the topic for last week was the fear of the lord which in any circumstance is a deep issue. So we started on that with a Australian speaker.. Monday he started speaking just touching on some issues like the grace of God and the LAW of God and the balance between the two. We spoke then on how grace with out Law is just a license to sin and how people to often just look to the new testament and speak about how gracious God is and all that but he spoke that there is a key balance between the two and when you lean to much into law you become extremely judgmental but then when you go to much in to grace you don't have the boundaries of law and you can do whatever you want and God will just forgive you. It been really good because it has really made the students think about the choices they make In there life. Personally I think what he was talking about was really extreme but I think he did that to make the students ask questions and to look the theology up for them self’s and take it to the bible. Which they did! As staff we get all the questions when we get back to the house. All the heavy stuff like predestination and stuff like that. Basically all the stuff theologians have been debating for years… its been sweet because that makes me go back to my bible and start seeking out a few things. That week a lot the students really responded to the teaching of fear of the lord, A lot of hearts were changed, which is awesome but also that weekend we had a a lot of spiritual warfare in the house. So that was another thing God really grew me in. a complete change of subject but we went to Australia zoo!! Was awesome got to spoon with a kangaroo was awesome! This weeks teaching was on the nature and character of God. The speaker was really good really came down the there level and it turned into more of a question and answers week even tho there wasn’t many answers because well… God is just too big! But it was good to really see the students just wrestling with God and really wanting to push into his word and strive to get that relationship with him. Also this week was giving week where the base staff and the DTS students came together and share with everyone there needs for example. Students were short of money for outreach the skate ministry team needed some money for some skate ramps to build in the Philippines. All ministry needs a I guess people asked for backpacks, sleeping bags etc. so with about 40 or so people in that morning we had a lot off needs!! So we just waited on God and we let him speak to us individually and we wrote down like and IOU and how much/what were giving and then people would cross it off the board. Everything was anonymously which was awesome. Altogether we raised over $29,000 dollars Praise God! One thing God was teaching me through this was Giving but not just giving but giving when it hurts, giving what you don’t have and giving what you love the most. I'm telling what ever people think they might think your stupid crazy and idiot! When you give out of what you don’t have that is when God truly blesses you! This weekend was pretty sick we helped out at the Yaroomba Classic surf comp. was a good day making burgers and snags for the surf community was a really fun day. Also watching people surf and also surfing my self cant really beat it!
That really wraps up this blog post if there is anything to pray for its

Unity amongst the leadership team

Protection against spiritual warfare
Time management

This week is spiritual Warfare/Jewish roots so the students will respond well to it.

Book to read if you can get your hands on it A Divine Revelation Of Hell Mary K. Baxter Iv been reading it the past few days and its really impacted me. Hell SUCKS! Big time and when you read this book you will know why so the whole time I’m reading this book Names of people who don’t know God keep coming into my mind and my heart breaks. So I pray for you guys who don’t really know God yet because well… So I challenge you to really start seeking some answers about God and take a little look into what its all about. You might be surprised if you approach it with an open mind and an open heart.

Also just going to link my 1 on 1’s blogs so you cant read all the things thats DTS.

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keep them in your prayers God is growing them so much!

Love you all

God bless

Take a look at this video it so cool blew me away!


stuart.marks1 said...

Laminin…AMAZING. Amen

Amanda Parker said...

Hell does suck! I agree!!
You know that Louie is my preacher!
You should come to good ole' Georgia!

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