Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Hear we go again another blog entry! So yeah today well… just a little overwhelming but that’s good right? Out of my comfort zone again (right where God wants me.)

Today we focused on Individual learning or 1 on 1 training. It was sweet we learnt really how to plan, do and review a 1 on 1. This is actually a hard one for me to write about. Because I have already done a school. I could see all the places where I went wrong or things i have missed out on doing. so hearing this stuff has hit me pretty hard. But I see that as good because now I can learn from the my past decisions so it give’s me more determination to actually Change because I can see how my actions and how I act in these 1 on 1 situations can really effect the student I am mentioning. I didn’t realise how important it was to plan a 1 on 1’s! I mean so many times I would be like so….. And the student would look at me with a blank face… (for all who have done these you know what I’m talking about!) it not like I wasn’t taught this stuff I think I kinda just took it for granted that yeah don’t worry things will be fine… so it was cool to have that plan thing refreshed in my mind!

I Guess the one thing I struggled with was keeping the conversation on track and talking about the actual topic that they have been learning about. not talking about how they hate there room mate… so we actually did some “practice” 1 on 1’s that was very interesting! I had this guy who just gave me such a hard time… he was the student and I was trying to find the learning gap and then do an action plan on how I could help him fill that Gap and help him turn to God for the answers and not to seek me for them. It was really cool to hear that our student's aren’t meant to rely on ME for all there problems. I say that because I wont always be there in there life but God will and that’s who we want them to rely on!

That’s huge for me because the past 3 days if I didn’t have God man I would have crashed and burned. I’m still struggling being here… I feel like I’m in a huge spiritual battle right now. The enemy wants me to RUN because he Knows that if I'm hear learning this stuff I’m going to be a huge threat to his kingdom! I MEAN I'M BEING EQUIPPED TO EQUIP PEOPLE TO FIGHT AGAINST HIM OF COURSE HE'S GOING TO HATE ME!! So I’m stoked that me being here and actually learning this stuff is getting up Satan’s nose!!! Sweet huh? So yeah I know how important it is to have God as your Rock, your firm foundation because I would have crumbled if I didn’t have God to turn to when things get heavy. The past 3 days when ever I’m on my own, I’m with God just chatting and telling him my problems and iv never had so much joy.

So back on topic… yeah Learning how to do 1 on 1’s is sweet because I want to be able to serve my students as much as possible! So were going to be doing that every day I think? Well alot anyway way.

So yeah that’s it I have learnt a lot today it been a bit overwhelming alot of information to take in. but I know that why I’m hear because I don’t know most of this stuff… And God want’s me to know it so I can serve him as a leader in YWAM!

so thank you guys for all the prayers and support you really are such an encouragement to me! I love you all

shout out to P MAC Thanks for reading Bro!

Prayer points
  • protection against the enemy
  • that God will give me a heart for Learning and also this place
  • That God reviles him self to me on such a new level!
  • Also the students are going on outreach Saturday and they have learnt so much so just pray that God will blow there minds!


Amanda Parker said...

You are going to rock the January school.. i have faith in you (as God is your strength!)

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