Tuesday, 8 December 2009

learning how to learn

Hey guys, Just keeping you posted on what I’m really learning on this course. Today we were learning about Learning Styles. it was really sweet Learning different ways that people learn. auditory, visual and Kinaesthetic this was sweet because i got to find out how learnt stuff. i found out that I’m very very Kinaesthetic. this really opened my eyes allot to the way i react to "school"
The first day I got to Newcastle I was very shall we say scared? I say that because I didn’t know what to expect all I knew was that there's going to be allot of work... so I freaked out. when we turned up for lectures I instantly set my self up to fail. I was worried about the amount of homework, Learning so much in a small space of time (I thought I wouldn't take anything in) and also just not passing the course... all these things stacked up on me over the day. I really isolated myself, shut down and really wanted to go home... But that night I spent allot of time with God just talking telling him how I feel. After Sharing with the Big Man upstairs he really gave me allot of peace that I am here because he knows I need to learn this stuff because I don’t know it... Also because God put me here he knows that I can handle it!!!! But I was still worried a little bit you know what I mean? Also Skyped my Dad he gave me so much Wisdom on so much stuff Related to this and not related to this so just want to say thanks Dad. love you!

So today was soooooooo good! The main thing that hit me today was when we were talking about pushing students out of comfort zones and that being out of your comfort zone is where you learn the most! that was sick but also we talked about the natural Human reaction is when we get out of our comfort zones. for example there's the people who get aggressive, disruptive and are very outward in the way they express them self in uncomfortable situations and then there's the people who express it inwardly (ME) Shut down, isolate them self’s, Go quiet and Want/do Run away... But that was sick because 1. I knew I wasn’t the only one. 2 The teachers of this course know exactly what I’m going through and are able to help me get through this! sweet huh?
Then after going through that I had a sweet revelation of how I can actually use this to help the students that ill be teaching in the future. Because I can relate to them if they are going through what iv already been/dealing with. I also learnt that all of this ISNT A BAD THING Because its just the way we are! its the way we learn, its the way God made us. Now going back the fact I'm very Kinaesthetic means that i learn by doing stuff! And that’s not my fault so when i was put into the class room again I freaked out because I instantly thought oh no here we go again... I’m gona be sitting and writing for hours on end... which I don’t do well doing. but Because were lenring basically how to teach... and how to cater for all types of learning, actually Learning this stuff my type of leering is being catered for so it FUN! Now I can take all of this and when I go back to the sunny coast getting ready to staff the January school I can now relate to my students and cater for there way for learning. Also know how to find out how they learning and how I can help them! its so sweet! I’m super excited about the stuff I’m gona learn! while I was going through a rough time last night talking to God I was praying that he would actually give me a heart for this place and what I’m lenring... Can't you tell... He has already answered my PRAYER!

For the next 8 days I will be bloging everyday wont always be along one but I really want you guys to know what I’m leering its exciting stuff :)

Love you guys!


stuart.marks1 said...

WOW!...Now you’ve got a window in the walls that you’ve had for sometime… and God is the glazier… each day there will be a new window…and the end view will be the bigger picture !!! Dad x

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