Thursday, 15 October 2009

+ 7 to the kingdom!

Sorry Its taken so long to do a blog update been kinda busy. But then I think about it and I haven’t got much to write… funny how that works. But here we go.
We shall start with Monday last week… was a good old day ha-ha no seriously was such a good day. We had evangelism and again God was awesome. After all this evangelism that iv been doing iv been kinda bummed out that I haven’t really seen a salvation. I know that’s a little selfish but I really wanted to see a salvation. So before we went out we had a prayer/worship sesh and I got really pumped for it and I also asked God could I see a salvation… so when we went out the first group of people I spoke to completely rejected me. So leaving them a little disheartened but knowing that God just gave me a few rewards in heaven (Luke 6 22-23) Then I saw my mate Spencer and I asked him if he wanted to come with me to talk to these two kids. So we did and got to know them a bit. There names were Jessie 17 and Ryan 17, so we started talking to them about God and hearing his voice and stuff and after like an hour or so they gave there life’s to Christ! It was awesome we hung out all night for like 4 hours I was so cool to see there hearts really open up. They don’t live here they live down south but when they come back up there gona give m a ring to hang out and come to church. Sick huh? so that's 7 people who have given there life's to Christ on this school!! all God nothing of us!
That we were having lectures on hearing the voice of God (personal favourite) Jason this guy from Brisbane, he was really good was a really laid back them and really got the students thinking about there relationship with God and how important it is to wait on God to give him a chance to speak. We did a little exercise were we waited on God, God give us words/scripture for people and then we picked a name out of a hat and then we would give the word we got form God to that person. (to understand it God already knew what name you were gona pick so he would give you a word for that name) I cool bit of scripture for Roz and it was exactly what she was struggling with at the time. Also Christi gave me Isaiah 46: 30-31 this relates directly to how I was feeling. Iv been so tired this whole week has been exhausting. But iv been missing one thing in my week and that’s my quite times with God. I haven’t been spending time this him. So iv been getting tired and loosening my strength you get me.. So Isaiah talks about renewing your strength and hope so iv been doing it getting back into my quite times and then hopping God will pull me out of this low… an he has I feel so much better!!! This week has been sick!
To get back on track to what I was talking about. Yeah God speaks he really does you just have to wait and listen. It takes practice its like a friendship once your really good friends with someone and you have known them for a long time you can hear and recognise there voice in like a group of people. it’s the same with God you have to build that relationship then you will recognise his voice.
My one on ones are doing really well all them are hearing Gods voice and building on that relationship and yeah there really going for it! There’s been a few hick ups but you know Gods grace is enough right?
On Saturday I went on a cool trip with the surfers DTS and Christian surfers Coolum. We went to a surf spot called DI (double island point) for all thos who have seen the film Endless summer it’s the super secret Australian surf spot… and also the flattest wave in the world……. Ha-ha they just got it at the wrong time.. And so did we…… it was soooooooooo windy ha-ha o well. But its cool you can only get there with a 4x4 you have to drive up at low tide and then your stuck there till the tide drops so yeah it’s a bit of a trek. Hopefully ill get to go again and get it good!!
This week have been a Challenge for a lot of the students. We had Dan Speak on Kingdom of God, he’s from our base so we know him pretty well. But man he spoke some truth and it challenged me and really challenged the students. He Got us really thinking about our Walks with God and are we really bringing the Kingdom of God or are we just relying on a free ticket to heaven?? I wont go into it because its very heavy. The way he did it though was so good changed my whole out look on the way I live my life and how selfish I can be. The students responded really well they asked loads of questions and really dug deep in to the topic.
It was good my one on ones responded really well to it. I had to clarify a few things with them but they enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it.
Evangelism this week well…. The hardest thing iv ever done in my life… we spoke to a group of like 8 people and we just debated fro like 2 hours. Got mocked insulted fun times!! But was Good made me want go read the bible more ha-ha.
Last night we had small groups. That went down really well were studying the book of Daniel. And were doing a bit of accountability (guy stuff…) Paul and I are heading it up so please pray for that!
That’s basically it. Sorry it’s a bit all over the place I wont forget to update it next time so ill remember what happened in the week. Because I had so much to think about I just got lost… but the main thing are up I hope you enjoyed! And please please please leave comments I kinda feel like im writing to my sleff…

Prayer points

My One on One’s that my relationship with them Grows and that we really connect.
That next weeks teaching on The Fear of the Lord will challenge the students again
As staff that we unite and not get to busy and tired
Personaly that I get my quite times in with God and seak him with all issues that come up with the school

Also lift up my mum in prayer she’s still in a lot of pain with here back and my dad also and my sister basicly my family!! I love them to bits!


mattclairecrome said...

Danny boy!!! Comments keep being deleted. This is another attempt at showing you the world cares!!! Keep it real bro

Gareth said...

Keep it up bro! Was a good read :) love ya man, Rhys xx

me said...

Danny boy, its Nick Hutchins.

makes me miss DTS a lot. crazy that now you are on staff, as you should be of course. I wish i was staffing with you, it'd be heaps good.

God bless my man, i'll be praying for you

Kate said...
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Kate said...

Love you lil are doing such a great job and im very proud of you! Love and miss you xxxxx

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