Sunday, 21 February 2010

God takes its one step further.

Hey guys, sorry its been a long time since iv updated this its been a really full on month! Since this school has started its be go go! Its been so sweet tho! This school has really been Charging! They want it! There so eager to know God and are willing to lay down everything to further his Kingdom and just to know him. So yeah I’m just going to share some sweet story’s that have happened the past few weeks so hope you enjoy this!

So where do I start! Well the last week we went down to Byron Bay for evangelism week.

We had a pretty epic time and God just felt like showing his bigness in some amazing ways. We had Kevin (base director of Byron bay) speak. So that was a blessing in its self. Kevin is a really down to earth guy, very real and has such a huge heart for God.

So the first night of evangelism we did this thing called cardboard testimonies… I know what your thinking… yeah it is in your face… but when God speaks he Speaks and we just do as were told. So we went out in the city of Byron and we had our signs and we picked spots and just sat there… people walked past and read them and they just asked questions. We had signs like “Do you have hope?” things like that which just made people think. There was around 35 of us with these signs so you can imagine what it looked like in the city. Anyway there was a group of us who put our signs down and just played worship music and we offered prayer and know one came for prayer… but still me made God known we did have people sit down and listen to us so they were hearing the truth of God trough music! Was a sick night. I cant fully remember how many but there were 1 or 2 salvations that night so yeeeeew!

So the next day was another crazy night! We had a free night that night but we decided to just talk about stuff and leave it open to what God wants to do. We had this really cool discussion on laying down rights for your brothers and sisters so your not causing them to stumble anyway… some how we ended up praying for Jocelyn. She had a bad back I cant remember what its called but its when your back is curved or twisted? Anyway so we all laid hands and prayed for her. Then she mentioned that she had one leg shorter than the other… so we sat her down and she put her legs up and its was like by an inch and a half… so we just prayed… a few of us had our eyes open and its just grew!!!!!!!!! Iv never seen that before its wired…. Could see it growing was crazy!!! We instantly just thanked God he showed us something really cool! Then all night we just prayed for healing! The students just wanted to see there friends healed and just kept pushing God to so more stuff! He did so much inner healing that night as well was awesome! There was so much faith in that room and God just rocked us!

A lot happened that week I stopped writing this and its not that iv forgotten what’s happened I just suddenly feel like I need to share my heart right now god is teaching me a lot of humility this week so here we go… Well the past few weeks I really feel like iv had a 2 track mind. Iv really been finding it hard to trust God in an area of my life and its really been holding me back from hearing Gods voice clearly… Iv been really struggling to just get that connection back with God. I’m kinda just rambling its not like iv been rebelling against God and doing stupid stuff cos I haven’t its just because I haven’t put my trust in God iv been getting really burnt out and just running on empty.

God I pray for a renewing of my heart. I pray God that you will forgive me of my selfish actions and the people its affected and the hearts that have been neglected. God I pray that you will break me God I ask that you will strip me of everything… take away everything I own everything I have all my gifts my talents my passions my visions God take them all they mean nothing without you… God I want you to be first in my life. I want to give you everything. God I trust you with this aspect of my life I trust you, I trust you GOD I TRUST YOU! Please Change my heart. God but my focus back on you. God I need you I realise that I need you soo much. I need your comfort I need you to speak into my life I need your guidance in what I should do. Lord Jesus from this point on I want to give all the things iv taken out of your hands and give them back to you! Lord God I do really pray that you will restore all my friendships. You’re soo good to me God thank you for your grace that I will never fully understand. thank you for always being there for me and yeah your just awesome thank you God!

I wrote this before God had reviled some stuff too me. This week was prayer week. God just did a lot of heart healing. It was a week where we did 24/5 prayer so we had team in the prayer room praying all the time! Was sweet. In “lectures” they were just times of ministry. God would just lead it. We had Leon leading it out and we would do some worship then ask God what he wanted to do. Its really was just confession and prayer. Was awesome! Then on night we really had something just holding us up from God setting us free something was just there… so we prayed and Jay spoke and just felt it was that when we worship are we worshiping God? Or are we worshiping to see something cool happen? That tingly feeling… so it was a time of repentance and oh my gosh! God just rocked us!! He showed him self in a way I would never expected… was insane!!! Then we just thanked God and it was the most authentic and real time of worship I have ever had I could honestly say all I was thinking about was God and nothing but God! that’s how it should be every time and since then worship has been so different for me I feel so close to God its as if my eyes have been open. Find that point! Worship God don’t think about anything else! Think about the times when you have been sad or happy or when God provided and just worship God! Not what your going to do today or tomorrow just God he deserves it! He will revel him self to you in such a fresh way!

So yeah its been a crazy couple of weeks! God has shown me a lot basically the thing I’m holding on to is when God told me. TRUST ME, SEEK ME! that’s all you need. Its changed me so much! Really has I feel so close to God right now and he really is speaking to me again clearly its so sweet! Thanks God

Matt and Claire are here! Yeeeeew! They have been such a blessing! Just time away and just building me up and pouring in to me and its wired I’m doing the same for them its soo sweet to have them here there charging for God its sick!

Just want to let you know what we will be doing on outreach so this is the letter I sent out if you didn’t get it here it is!

This is the amazing January 2010 school!

I just want to thank you guys for all the support you have given me over the past few months both iv been so blessed to have you all behind me in what God is doing. every single one of you is just as much apart of what God is doing here as i am! its true.

This school is amazing it really is the students are really pushing into God and really finding out what it is to be a child of God. there living up everything just to hear his voice and be obedient if he says go they go its awesome to see that! there's been soo many break through with stuff they have had to deal with and surrender to God and yeah there Charging just to see Gods kingdom move forward!

To see this happen were taking teams on outreach. which is over seas missions. Callie (co leader) and i are taking a team of 2 girls and 3 guys to Bali (Indonesia) for 3 weeks where we will be doing skate/surf ministry and also we will be going into the slums and working in a children orphanage just really offering our service as much as possible it will be really full on! then for 5 weeks we will be flying over to Philippines! were we will be again doing skate ministry we will be holding a few skate comps and through that we will be giving bibles out and shearing testimony, then we will be working with a local church there and we will be supporting them in there local ministry's we will be doing Food support, again going into the slums and doing bible study s and going to help the single mums out there. we will be living in an orphanage with blind children so that will be a ministry in its self! also for a week the girls will be doing prostitution ministry in the main city where they will be rescuing girls off the streets. while us guys will be doing more skate ministry and also getting God out in the local wake-boarding park. then for the last week the church were working with holds a 5 day youth camp where we will be running it! scary! scary because there will be over 500 kids Christian and non Christians so i believe that God is going to save all thos kids!!! so this is really exciting stuff!

So this email is just to let you guys know what im doing. i would love you to partner with me in this epic journey that God is taking us on. so if you want to support me in this ministry i really need financial support monthly if possible! but i haven't yet got money for my flights there around £800 so praying that God would come through i know he will. i also need alot of prayer! so if you want to come along side me in this i would love to keep you posted on what God is doing out here!

I keep a blog i update it pretty often so you can read what has already happened and ill keep it updated on what is currently happening :)

If you feel that God is calling you to support me in this adventure prayerfully or financially! then email me at i would love to here from you and keep you posted on what im doing.

sorry this blog might be all over the place that what the past few weeks have been like haha

Thank you guys so much love you all!!


stuart.marks1 said...

Your prayer and the healing ministry is truly awesome, you are so upfront and open with your feelings and have total trust in God...Fantastic...or should i say sick! Dad x

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