Monday, 31 August 2009

I'm off in two weeks!

I'm off in two weeks so here are a few clips to keep you busy :)

Hey everyone! its two weeks before i leave so thought id put some stuff on here before i go. the video above is a video i made during my DTS last year i couldn't figure out how to put it on the net but now i have. so thought i my entertain you :)

this video are the lads from home sending me off to oz. enjoy!

This is a random one but cool :)

These are a few pics form outreach

This is Erewan's birthday that we put together for him in the blue room
Indo people don't really celebrate birthdays so he was stoked!! had an cake and everything :P
hes the kid int he yellow shirt

Now some surfing!

the top 2 are me :)

Here's a clip of one of the boys getting barrelled!!

That's basically it for now :) hope you enjoyed that's the last 6 months super short so if i have time before i go ill add some more. Hope things are well with everyone and will keep you posted

Prayer points
  • Haven't got my visa sorted yet and i have 2 weeks till i leave so be praying for that please :)
  • that i get my self organised
  • and God continues to use me here in Swansea till i leave.